There are several organizations that provide great resources, assistance, and encouragement to individuals and their families going through cancer.  The Bigger C is not in competition with these organizations; in fact, we hope to partner with them and facilitate the use of these resources by those we encounter.

The unique mission for the Bigger C is to work within the benefits of these organizations, the cooperative efforts of areas churches and concerned Christians to provide the encouragement found in Christ, the Bigger C.

We offer:

  1.     Prayer from an army of prayer warriors for those who request to be added to the prayer list.
  2.     Daily Devotionals through Streams in the Desert books which we give free of charge to those who ask to be on the Bigger C prayer list.  A daily Note of Encouragement written by our Chaplain David from Streams in the             Desert is available here on the website.
  3.     Christian Encouragers who will apply their experience on the cancer journey by personally walking with others on their journey.
  4.     Gatherings where we come together to worship, celebrate victories, and share an encouraging message of faith, hope and love, thereby strengthening one another on the journey through cancer with Christ, The Bigger C.

The Bigger C Encouragers is a West Alabama community-wide, Christian organization that offers cancer patients, along with their families and friends, regardless of religious affiliation or belief, an opportunity to come together to share their fears, hopes, and desires for their future welfare. It is a place of Christian fellowship for all affected by cancer to receive hope and encouragement during their time of crisis. The organization extends the love of Christ through His teachings and the warmth of friendship and companionship with people who have gone through or are having the same experience.